our mission
The Palm Wine Collective is a Black creative arts collective that is deepening the conversation around the African Diaspora through innovative cultural experiences.
Our collective is made of artists, community leaders, educators, and healers with the common purpose of incubating rotating creative projects. These projects range from curating festivals to intentional food and dialogue experiences. This collective was founded in 2019 from the love and fellowship of 5 Black femmes who wanted to support each other’s creative visions while experiencing and amplifying radical Black joy.

The Name Palm Wine Collective comes from the name of the West African traditional ceremonial drink, palm wine. It is also the alternate name of the socio-cultural club, Kegite Club (or Palmwine Club) which formed in 1960s Nigeria, and gathered to discuss and radically mobilize for issues like African independence from European powers and anti-apartheid. The Palm Wine Collective aims to celebrate the ways in which folks of African descent have moved around the world while fostering spaces for global Black unity.

The Palm Wine Collective’s Goals are:

  • To gather different intersections of Black communities on a local and global scale through the PanAfrican Arts Festival.
  • To provide artists in the African Diaspora with tangible resources for advancing their art forms and creative projects that tell Black stories.
  • To disrupt legacies of historical trauma by providing Black community members opportunities for critical dialogue, community building, and healing through the arts and narrative interventions.
  • To nourish authentic self awareness and expression in Black communities that results in deep rootedness, tender affection, and emotional wholeness.
our team

Asia Dorsey

Branding Organizer/TimeCamp


Toluwanimi Obiwole

Lead Organizer, Founder PWC


Sheree Brown

Outreach Organizer/TimeCamp


Ozy Aloziem

Fundraising Organizer


Ash Ferguson

Logistics Coordinator


Niyankor Ajuaj

Special Event Organizer


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